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lynas corporation

  1. Gringotts Bank

    Day Trading Lynas

    Another paper trading journal. Will try this also for 2 weeks. Stock is LYC. Position size per trade will need to be $20-50K. The minimum amount will still allow 1 tick to be profitable. The maximum amount shouldn't be too hard to dispose of given the liquidity of LYC intra-day. Long and...
  2. Gringotts Bank

    Scalping Lynas experiment

    To be profitable, one needs to buy within 1.5c of the low price (or less), then sell at tomorrow's open. That's a 3 price level window of opportunity. Can it be done? It's basically a depth reading exercise. If it works, will yield 50-100% pa and extremely low drawdowns in bull/neutral...
  3. N

    LYC - Lynas Rare Earths

    Lynas's Mt Weld project, could have up to 30% of the worlds supply of Rare Earth deposits. Development now under way in association with a Chinese Consortium. Watch this one go.....