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louise bedford

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    The Trading Game mentor program

    Does anyone know the good, the bad & the ugly side of this system, (the trading game) by Louise Bedford, it reads like it is a go?
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    Louise Bedford course

    Hi I am obviously as the name suggests a novice to this forum and probably general trading! i have read about many trading gurus and mentoring program and one that has grabbed my attentio is the so called Mentor Program! My questions to my fella traders are 1-Has anyone ever taken...
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    Bedford, Dimitri, McIntyre, etc. Clowns?

    Hi, everybody :banghead: ! Recently I've been looking into options after failing to get anywhere trading stocks and futures (main reason is lack of focused time). I like the idea of writing options for income and so have been looking into that aspect. It appeals greatly because one can...
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    Louise Bedford seminar (Perth)

    A Personal Email from Louise Bedford I just want to let you know that this is your last chance to book into my up and coming seminar in Perth called Candlestick Triggers – An Intensive Workshop. This 4.5 hour workshop will be run on Tuesday evening, 7th June, 2005, from 5.30pm to 10.00pm at...