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  1. frugal.rock

    Profit & Loss log: Keep me honest

    Decided to start a thread as a log to keep myself honest and open to scrutiny and hopefully, suggestions are contributed along the journey.. Probably only about 10% along in the trading knowledge journey but that could be an overestimate. Won't know until I know if I ever know.:rolleyes: Will...
  2. RickSanchez

    Positive Earnings but Net Loss?

    Hi, can someone help me understand this: -- The fintech's announcement comes as Afterpay announced its FY18 results, displaying a FY18 earnings figure of $33.8 million, and revenue of $142.3 million, up 390 per cent on FY17. Afterpay recorded a full year net loss after tax of $9 million, an...
  3. E

    MetaTrader 4: Buying with loss

    Hey all, might be a stupid question but I'm new to the game so please be nice ;) I'm currently using a Demo Account (AlpariUK) practicing trading Forex using Meta Trader 4. When I trade in Meta Trader it's never at the current market price? Using single click trading... If i was to...
  4. S

    Has anyone here made $$$ on forex trading?

    Well it has been about 2 months now of trading Forex and i have yet to make any $$$... In fact have only seem to be depositing more and more each week!... I have tried MT4 with and without auto trading robots... which is full of SH*T... What the $%$# am i doing wrong? .. Every time I...
  5. Tyler Durden

    Have I made a profit or loss?

    I guess this is about the order of selling shares, but let's say I buy 100 shares in company x for $2, so total outlay is $200. Six months later, the SP has gone down to $1. I think it is a good deal, so I buy 100 more at $1, for total outlay of $100. The SP goes up to $1.50, and I think...
  6. barnz2k

    What's your biggest single stock loss?

    Yep, whats one of your biggest blunders? Whats the biggest loss you have had on a single stock? Have a few close to 50% down now, but one in particular 75%, ouch (none sold though yet)
  7. Smurf1976

    Drought - profit/loss opportunities

    With the incredibly low rainfall in much of Australia this Winter and official predictions that we are at the beginning of an El Niño cycle (which typically leads to drought) I thought I would start a thread on the financial and market impacts of a continuation or worsening of the drought. I...