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  1. SnakeEyes26

    Long term stock investment recommendations

    Hi guys, just want to ask which stock you recommend holding for medium-long term hold? A good stock with high potential. thanks
  2. S

    Long vs. short term, who win?

    Short term have cons by the spread&comissions. Long term, if you havent' a big account, you cant live with trading. What do you choose?
  3. R

    To hedge or not to hedge? - S&P 500 Investment - Short and Long term

    Hi all, First post to the aussie stock forum. I've spent a few hours searching and reading but still felt the need to drop my thread here. Hoping to learn and contribute where I can in the future. I wish to open 2 positions in the S&P 500 (5 year and 15+ year) but am unsure whether to hedge to...
  4. K

    Long Term Investment Trial

    I've been contemplating an approach to long-term investing for some time but never really given it a consistent trial to see if its viable or not. What i'll be trialing in this thread is a 10 stock portfolio starting with $100,000 whereby I add stocks and review the portfolio on a monthly basis...
  5. aus_trader

    Medium/Longer Term Stock Portfolio

    G'day all, I have been participating in a few of the forums here (and in other forums) and wanted to post my own stock portfolio for a while. Although I've had good success with few of my stocks in the past, will start this portfolio fresh for all to see. I find that fellow forum members can...
  6. Garpal Gumnut

    SMSF Long Term ASX Stocks Using Charting

    Is anyone interested in discussing LT investment in ASX Stocks? Using TA. It's been very good for my SMSF though hairy/scary at times which is good.
  7. J

    Long term investment strategy according to John Bogle

    I am seriously considering building a long term investment wallet based on two ETFs or even mutual funds. One all market equity ETF and one ETF with short to medium term bonds according to my age (70% stocks, 30% bonds). Being new to Australia I do not know which ETFs (or funds) I have...
  8. R

    How to outperform stock indexes long term (guru stock picking)

    Dear investors, What do you think about ETFs that replicate holdings of the best US hedge fund managers with a fraction of hedge fund's cost? They tend to outperform SP500 in long term: ALFA It has protection against stock market collapse by hedging portfolio during bear markets...
  9. N

    Long term ETF investor - Asset allocation questions

    Hey all, I'm new to the forum and investing in stocks. I've done a fair bit of reading and been to a financial adviser (who actually didnt charge me). I proposed a way forward for investing my capital and he said there wasn't much more he could do for me other than propose the correct asset...
  10. O

    Paid services that provide medium/long term share recommendations?

    Hello everyone Instead of doing all the fundamental and technical analysis myself can anyone recommend a paid service that provide a quality list of ASX shares for med/long term investments. Criteria for paid service: a. Proven track record of 10 years minimum with regular published results...
  11. TPI

    Long-term shares investing strategy for family members when you're gone

    Hi, I'm in the process of doing a new will and estate plan and am wondering if anyone here has put much thought into how your family members with limited or no investing experience would manage a large share portfolio they might inherit on you're passing. My plan was to have my somewhat...
  12. S

    What % of people can make money from the stock market long term?

  13. D

    US Long term market timer portfolio

    This portfolio follows the line of the previous portfolio “Long term market timer high risk portfolio” that I had in some forums from 9 Jan 2013 to 31 Jan 2014, which rose 71,06% while the S&P 500 rose 22,33% during the same period. My goal is to try to answer as best as possible to what the...
  14. B

    Looking for a good mid-cap tip for the long term... Any pointers?

    Hi all, Looking for a good long term mid-cap stock tip. ATU was thrown in my direction, however given recent run am reluctant to dive on board. Thanks, B
  15. M

    Investing for long term, Reinvesting dividends?

    Hi guys, So far ive put about 6k into stocks and am up about $500 since I started about 2 months ago, However I am thinking that maybe I should put my money into 1 or 2 blue chip stocks such as woolies or Telstra and every year keep investing the dividends I receive plus a little extra. I...
  16. W

    Long term blue chip investment

    Hi guys. First I'd like to tell you guys a bit about myself then I'll get in to the topic. I am a 20 year that is looking for work but has 10k in the bank, which gives me 35 dollars a month interest. I am going to do blue chips because I want to get comfortable first and get the hang of trading...
  17. F

    Which online broker to use for a beginner investing long term?

    First time doing this. I'm looking for a cheap online broker where I can have like 4-5 different company stocks and just leave them for years and add more yearly. I want to buy blue chips. I was thinking of starting with $1000, I have more but not confident enough to play with the big boys yet...
  18. P

    Low yield stocks (e.g. CSL) for long term investment

    I am looking to buy shares for long-very long term investment. Eventually I imagine that I would like to live off the dividends. Should I even be looking at low yield stocks now? It looks like over the last 10 years CSL has performed well every step of the way. But their yield is low. The...
  19. D

    Best place to get long term charts for the SPI and to trade the SPI?

    I am wanting long term charts for the SPI. Anyone know a good place to get free charts? Also which companies trade the SPI allowing mico accounts? thanks for your help. cheers
  20. J

    Long term trend following - Futures

    Any experiences to share on trend following with futures? Most of the stuff I've read or seen has been trend following with stocks rather than futures. Commodities do seem to be a bit more 'trendy' than equities. Looking at a system like this one...