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long term portfolio

  1. aus_trader

    Medium/Longer Term Stock Portfolio

    G'day all, I have been participating in a few of the forums here (and in other forums) and wanted to post my own stock portfolio for a while. Although I've had good success with few of my stocks in the past, will start this portfolio fresh for all to see. I find that fellow forum members can...
  2. C

    Long Term Stock Ideas

    I'm on the hunt for some more candidates to research for a looong term portfolio. Anybody want to share some prospects they like? Price doesn't have to be right at the moment - I can wait for that to occur, but the quality of the management and business economics needs to be already obvious...
  3. Nortorious

    Fundamental Analysis Criteria

    Hi All, I have been reading Julian Dawson's book titled "Wealth Wisdom". In his book, Julian identifies some selection criteria using fundamental analysis. I'm still learning fundamental analysis techniques and am hoping that the more experienced investors here might be able to critique...