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long term investment

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    ARGO vs. DUI long term investment

    I already own a 50/50 split between WDIV and BKI, I'm looking at diversifying between fund managers as well as tilting my portfolio more towards Australian shares. I'm looking at either adding DUI or Argo and simply holding an even split between whichever LIC I pick, WDIV & BKI. DUI Pros, •...
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    Long term investment strategy according to John Bogle

    I am seriously considering building a long term investment wallet based on two ETFs or even mutual funds. One all market equity ETF and one ETF with short to medium term bonds according to my age (70% stocks, 30% bonds). Being new to Australia I do not know which ETFs (or funds) I have...
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    ETF or Managed fund for long term investment?

    I’m looking to invest on a regular basis into the Vanguard High dividend ETF for my SMSF and want to add on a regular basis to the investment over a 10 year period, I can invest in 2 ways, either the ETF directly which I buy on the ASX or alternatively buy the Vanguard managed fund of the same...
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    Low yield stocks (e.g. CSL) for long term investment

    I am looking to buy shares for long-very long term investment. Eventually I imagine that I would like to live off the dividends. Should I even be looking at low yield stocks now? It looks like over the last 10 years CSL has performed well every step of the way. But their yield is low. The...
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    Long Term Investment - Big Companies vs. Small Companies

    What sort of companies do you focus you core long term portfolio in, big or small companies. By big I mean market caps in the billions where as small cap I'm meaning under 500 million. e.g. Coca Cola Amatil CCA is big and Tox Free Solutions TOX is small (two of my holdings). Why do you...