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long term investing

  1. SnakeEyes26

    Long term stock investment recommendations

    Hi guys, just want to ask which stock you recommend holding for medium-long term hold? A good stock with high potential. thanks
  2. A

    How many people get above average returns over the long term?

    Many people argue that you are better off in the long term putting your money into index funds, I think the average is around 7-8% compounded and that most money managers do not beat this, there are some of course that do beat this such as famous value investors; buffet, greenblatt etc. But how...
  3. B

    ETF Index funds for long term

    What portfolio of ETF’s would you recommend for someone 30 years old, wanting to invest a regular amount with a minimum of fuss, seeking maximum return over the long haul?
  4. K

    Which Aussie stocks are good for long term investing?

    which stocks on ASX would be ideal for long term investing?
  5. Mr Bear

    Small Cap Investing 12 Month Portfolio High Return

    I'll be providing a look at my ASX portfolio of small cap stocks, a monthly portfolio will be provided with holding period of 12 months. At some point I will provide either my European or French small cap trades as well. Theory is: *Cheapest stocks with highest momentum. *12 month holding...
  6. K

    Long Term Investment Trial

    I've been contemplating an approach to long-term investing for some time but never really given it a consistent trial to see if its viable or not. What i'll be trialing in this thread is a 10 stock portfolio starting with $100,000 whereby I add stocks and review the portfolio on a monthly basis...
  7. Garpal Gumnut

    SMSF Long Term ASX Stocks Using Charting

    Is anyone interested in discussing LT investment in ASX Stocks? Using TA. It's been very good for my SMSF though hairy/scary at times which is good.
  8. SFA

    Time is not important for long-term investment

    Many believe that the timing of an investment is not important or not relevant for a long term investment. Therefore, people believe that losing money for a short period of time is justifiable. . This belief is for those who fail to get their timing right!. Many people only actively select and...
  9. D

    What is true in investing over the long term?

    Source: Jeff Bezos, the founder & CEO of, Inc once explained’s philosophy: “I frequently get the question “What’s going to change in the next 10 years?” I almost never get the question “What’s not going...
  10. Craton

    What are the mid to long term passive investors doing in this "slow down" market?

    Speaking strictly in terms of mid to long term passive share ownership. Not talking about other instruments like Options, EFT's, CFD's, Derivatives and the like. I realise that we all have our own strategies and goals and, that our risk tolerance differs. Just thought it would be good to...
  11. C

    Long Term Stock Ideas

    I'm on the hunt for some more candidates to research for a looong term portfolio. Anybody want to share some prospects they like? Price doesn't have to be right at the moment - I can wait for that to occur, but the quality of the management and business economics needs to be already obvious...
  12. N

    Long term ETF investor - Asset allocation questions

    Hey all, I'm new to the forum and investing in stocks. I've done a fair bit of reading and been to a financial adviser (who actually didnt charge me). I proposed a way forward for investing my capital and he said there wasn't much more he could do for me other than propose the correct asset...
  13. TPI

    Long-term shares investing strategy for family members when you're gone

    Hi, I'm in the process of doing a new will and estate plan and am wondering if anyone here has put much thought into how your family members with limited or no investing experience would manage a large share portfolio they might inherit on you're passing. My plan was to have my somewhat...
  14. TPI

    High conviction long-term stock picks

    Hi, Does anyone currently have any high conviction long-term stock picks where you have allocated say as much as 20-30%+ of your overall portfolio to a single stock, with the expectation of it eventually being multi-bagger? Or have you done so in the past with success or failure? I...
  15. Ryan C

    Walking the Road to Riches

    Hey everyone, Last few months I've been educating myself on the investing approach I will take. I wanted to use this forum to track my journey to accumulate wealth slowly just before I begin. Please feel free to follow and critique my plan to help me learn and hopefully you can learn...
  16. A

    Stock portfolio made up of investing and trading?

    Hey was wondering if it's recommendable to have a portfolio made up of long term investments and swing trading. Say a ratio of long term :70 or 80 and swing trading :30 or 20. Any advice would be great thanks.
  17. TPI

    Using Installment Warrrants as part of a medium/long-term investment strategy

    Hi, Is anyone using installment warrants as part of medium/long-term investment strategy? If so, what type of warrants do you use? Self-funding, rolling or endowment warrants ? American or European style? What types of stocks do you buy them against? What sort of gearing level...
  18. B

    Looking for a good mid-cap tip for the long term... Any pointers?

    Hi all, Looking for a good long term mid-cap stock tip. ATU was thrown in my direction, however given recent run am reluctant to dive on board. Thanks, B
  19. M

    Investing for long term, Reinvesting dividends?

    Hi guys, So far ive put about 6k into stocks and am up about $500 since I started about 2 months ago, However I am thinking that maybe I should put my money into 1 or 2 blue chip stocks such as woolies or Telstra and every year keep investing the dividends I receive plus a little extra. I...
  20. F

    Which online broker to use for a beginner investing long term?

    First time doing this. I'm looking for a cheap online broker where I can have like 4-5 different company stocks and just leave them for years and add more yearly. I want to buy blue chips. I was thinking of starting with $1000, I have more but not confident enough to play with the big boys yet...