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  1. T

    London DST Change

    just a heads up to the FX traders . London changes back from DST to their standard time on sunday . So next week London opens 5pm Sydney time. Good trading
  2. basilio

    London High Rise fire - Turning point for flammable cladding?

    The horrific story in London at the moment is fire that has destroyed a 24 story apartment block with many as yet unknown causalities. Many questions have already been raised about exits, alarm systems, dodgy wiring. All of these issues were raised by residents within the last 5 years. But...
  3. T

    Esignal and London Exchange connection problems

    Anyone else having problems with real time data coming coming from the London exchange, last night there was a problem, but it was fixed. Tonight there are many "timeouts" i.e the charts are not being updated, this is frustrating :banghead: When I go to the Esignal help page for live help the...
  4. CanOz

    Platinum Jumps Most Since 2000 in London on Deficit Concern

    Check this out: Any good speccy Plat stocks?
  5. Smurf1976

    London Explosions - Terrorism??? According to this and other reports I am looking at there has been a series of explosions across London which some reports say includes a major power failure. *The underground train network is reported to be completely shut down...