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    Cheap reliable broker to invest A$5,000 into shares on London Stock Market for long term hold

    Hello members, I am so new to all of this, and have been doing my research but have completely drown in it with no outcome so far. I would be so grateful 🙏if you could help me with advice. I need to invest AUD5,000 into shares on London Stock Market to keep for at least a year (long-term). I...
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    London Stock Exchange Auctions - Impact of market orders?

    Hi all. Does anyone know how market orders are treated in LSE open/close auctions? Specifically: During the pre-auction call period, limit orders are incorporated into the order book following the 4 auction principles of maximum volume, minimum surplus, market pressure and reference price. The...
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    How to sell shares on LSE when I have the original paper certificate?

    Hi all, am hoping someone can assist with this issue. When I left my long term Australian employer in 2008 I was issued with a (paper) share certificate for just over 10,000 shares (BP plc) which are listed on the London Stock Exchange. I'm wanting to sell these now (value about AU$80,000)...
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    Need Help: LSE and BHP demerger

    Hi All, I was on maternity leave when the BHP demerger occurred and missed when we were allowed to transfer or sell our shares on the LSE online. They have since sent me a share certificate but I have no idea where to start as far as selling or transferring the shares goes now. Any help or...
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    London Stock Exchange - Market open/close auction matching price

    Hi guys, I'm just started trading LSE shares, and now my biggest problem is that my broker doesn't show any open/close auction matching price. Any idea where I can get that?
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    London Stock Exchange: Brokers, Day Trading

    Hi ASF This is my first post Im a newbie here, spend a hour or so searching but couldn't really find what I was looking for. There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of chat about the London stock on here, correct me if I'm wrong, I'm pretty knew to the whole day trading game but it seem that...
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    Recommendations for selling LSE shares from Australia?

    Looking for recommendations and experiences for selling LSE shares from Aus (one-offs rather than continuous trading)? I'm currently being sent in circles from my UK bank who can't do it as I'm non-UK resident, and my Aus bank who don't have an international trading desk. I've heard of CMC...
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    Trading Options on the London Stock Exchange?

    Hi All Is it possible to trade Options on the LSE? And if so, is there a website out there that displays the Options Chains? Cheers!
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    EVS and the London Stock Exchange

    hi you all,i have a q. ESV are going global on the 19/10/04 and was wondering what happens with share price in good ole aust. do it mean that our shares are linked with the LSX. or are thay sep. from ours. do we get the dividends as well when it jumps up.(or loss if it falls) thanks by the way...