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  1. tollbridge

    The 30 Day Bloomberg Challenge

    Hi ASF I first joined this forum back in 2009 when I was a retail Day Trader straight out of school. Since then I'd like to think I've grown up a little and I've enjoyed a career as both a retail trader and stockbroker. I have witnessed first-hand the difference between the level of news and...
  2. Gringotts Bank

    Best live trade Twitter

    I'd like to follow some successful Tweeters; ones who post their trades live. Even if it's just a general theme for the day, likely direction etc. Futures, not stocks. Thanks for the recommendations.
  3. A

    Live trade on «Masked money» system

    In this topic, I will trade on the trading system «Masked money ». Maybe you'll like the definition of a major player in the market.
  4. pavilion103

    Pavilion103's LIVE ASX Momentum Setup Trading Thread

    Previous live ASX trading threads seemed to gather some strong interest. If this one also gains strong momentum (pardon the pun) I will keep it running for a while. Having not traded a single share in approximately 9 months I am back trading end of day. The main consideration is the position...
  5. tollbridge

    Tollbridge Trading

    In response to a number of ASF forum members requesting live trades, I have created this blog. My broker is IG and I trade the AUD200 which is the equivalent to the S&P200, I also occasionally trade forex. It is rather difficult for me to post live trades here as I usually trade 5 minute...
  6. CanOz

    CanOz's intermittent and sporadic trades

    Another try at scalping while waiting for FB to open last night got me thinking about how hard it is to trade against the market, for most. This is the DAX. Most of the profitable trades were made by selling a spike up or buying one down. Quite often i waited until the price tapped the MA. I...
  7. T

    Paper trading vs. Real trading experiment

    you know i keep wondering what would happen if someone did a study of the following. much like a placebo experiment. both groups are to trade to the best of their ability to make the highest gains possible. give group A limited virtual credits and tell them that it represents real money...
  8. S

    Live Video Recordings of Trading Thread

    Hi ALL, I'm just new here, so I wouldn't be a good example to start this thread, but would really love to see some of the more experienced/successful members record their day trading and provide commentry on all the signs a trader should be aware of during a trade... I'vee seem it on other...