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  1. Dominover

    Amibroker Data Providers?

    For ASX Data, what's the lowest cost intraday live data available? The last I looked into this and looking around this forum and the web I was looking at $160 per month.. That seems horrendously expensive. Are there cheaper for live ASX data for stocks and ETF's? I am in Australia..
  2. Dominover

    Metastock - Anyone used this?

    Has anyone here used Metastock? I'm looking at all the trading software at the moment and have heard some good things about Metastock. I just want to trade Australian stocks and have the flexibility for market plug-ins like 'Market Profile' and others. Will need down to 1 minute live data...
  3. O

    Live (or delayed) data

    Hi all. Just wondering where I can find live(ish) data for a paper trading exercise. Ideally I’d like to go back over a few weeks if possible. Also like to watch todays course of sales. Is there still somewhere I can get this free?
  4. M

    Australian trading platforms and brokers vs. Ninjatrader

    I currently use Commsec to trade on the ASX and am looking for a more advanced trading platform with advanced charting capabilities with live data to set price targets, stops etc on charts to send active email alerts on multiple stocks. Can anyone recommend the best trading platform / broker /...
  5. Q

    Iress live data into Amibroker

    Hi, does anyone know if you can get live intra-day Iress data into Amibroker to update automatically. Cheers, Quinn
  6. doctorj

    Free Live NASDAQ data on Google
  7. H

    Live Dow Futures data?

    Can someone please tell me if there are any sites out there with "live" dow futures data?