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  1. wayneL

    Lithium Batteries (Big Ones)

    I've made my first foray into the alternative energy space. On my ute carry several pretty heavy duty electric tools, 1000w drill stand, 750w bench grinder with multitool attachment, angle grinders, big fans and whatnot. It requires me to either plug in to the mains power onsite, or or run a...
  2. T


    TNR Gold Corp – TSXV:TNR & OTCQB:TRRXF Price: $0.06 CDN & $0.05 USD Common Shares: 189,722,780 Insider Holdings: 57,797,200 or 30.5% Note: Does not include recent private placements, which the CEO of TNR took majority positions, $271,000 of a possible $300,000. Website...
  3. System

    COW - Cowan Lithium

    Cowan Lithium Limited is a public company limited by shares incorporated on 23 March 2018 in Western Australia. Cowan's main projects include the Cowan and Yallari lithium projects. These projects were demerged from Tawana Resources NL in July 2018 because, amongst other reasons, they were not...
  4. greggles


    Lithium has had a great run in recent years due to increasing demand from primarily electric car and battery manufacturers. However, just recently I have noticed various reports suggesting that lithium supply is going to outstrip demand in the coming years due to the increased production largely...
  5. System

    5EA - 5E Advanced Materials

    American Pacific Borate & Lithium Limited is an Australian registered company that has recently acquired the Fort Cady borate-lithium project located in the state of California, USA. It is anticipated that ABR will list on the ASX during July 2017.
  6. System

    MMM - Macarthur Australia

    Macarthur Australia is an exploration and development company focused on identifying and developing high grade lithium projects and two Iron Ore Projects in Western Australia; the Ularring hematite project and the Moonshine magnetite project. It is anticipated that MMM will list on the ASX...
  7. Userman

    OWM - One World Minerals Inc. (CSE)

    OWM.C – One World Minerals to Acquire Large Lithium Project in Mexico
  8. U

    A new era for Australia's Lithium Mining Companies?

    Last year, AJM had introduced a strategic investor called J&R Optimum Energy and seems that this counter party (which is already a major player of china's lithium industry) is gonna establish a huge alliance ( with an estimated total market value of $80bn) by building up industrial parks all...
  9. E

    Lithium Miners

    Galaxy Resources. Galaxy Resources Limited is a global lithium company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX Code: GXY). Undervalued, Price/eps 11x subir imagenes gratis Neometals. Neometals Ltd (ASX: NMT, OTC: RDRUY) is a Western Australian...
  10. System

    MQR - Marquee Resources

    Marquee Resources was incorporated in November 2016 to provide a lithium-focused entity to fund and develop lithium exploration projects. The Marquee Resources claims are in the Clayton Valley, Nevada and situated at 37º 48’ N / 117º 30’W, at an altitude of 1,300m – 1,450m, approximately 30km...
  11. System

    MTC - MetalsTech Limited

    MetalsTech was formed to acquire, explore and develop the Terre des Montagnes Lithium Project, Adina Lithium Project, Kapiwak Lithium Project and Sirmac-Clapier Lithium Project, all located in Quebec, Canada. The Company has entered into various acquisition agreements to directly acquire these...
  12. System

    TEM - Tempest Minerals

    Lithium Consolidated Mineral Exploration is a lithium exploration company with mineral projects located in Nevada, USA; Western Australia; South Australia; and Botswana. The Company's flagship project is the Tonopah Lithium Project, located in the Big Smokey Valley, Nevada less than 4km...
  13. System

    LPI - Lithium Power International

    Lithium Power International is a pure-play lithium explorer whose business involves the acquisition and advancement of promising lithium projects. The Company is currently pursuing three projects across Australia and South America in order to provide an asset base which is diversified by both...
  14. K

    Lithium/Graphite Mining Companies?

    Lithium and graphite could be in huge demand in the future. Does anyone know the name of the two Aussie stocks (companies) Alex Cowie has recommended that are mining these minerals? Thanks! If you haven't heard about the Korean scientist that's made a massive breakthrough concerning lithium...
  15. C

    SUV - Suvo Strategic Minerals

    Are there any thoughts out there about the Lithex IPO? There is a prospectus in the file attachment. Kindest regards, Lars.
  16. bowman

    4kg of lithium in every Nissan electric car battery!

    If electric cars have a viable future (looking likely), and if lithium-ion batteries are the preferred storage medium, then the implications for the demand for lithium are mind boggling.,28124,25988827-15023,00.html...
  17. O

    AKE - Allkem Limited

    Couldn't find a thread on this co so thought i'd start the ball rolling. Bought a few today for the exposure to lithium and potash Orocobre Limited is an Australia-based exploration company. The Company’s business involves exploration on its lithium, copper-gold and silver projects, which...