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    Can anyone explain my weird experience (sudden liquidity) on the market today?

    This morning, I had a strange experience while selling a stock XYZ. The bid volume for XYZ was in hundreds. I had thousands to sell. I thought there was not enough liquidity. I did not care and sell anyway. Strange thing was ... when I sold, the liquidity suddenly appeared and absorbed my sale...
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    Buy VTS on the ASX or buy the underlying ETF?

    Howdy, I'm wondering whether to buy VTS on the ASX or buy the underlying ETF, which is VTI (NYSE Arca)? The average volume traded for VTS is around 10k. For VTI it's around 1 million. From a liquidity point of view, maybe VTI would be superior? Apart from liquidity, there's tax. Any ideas?
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    Installment Warrants and MINIs Liquidity

    Hi All, I have been trading mostly on stocks and am in the process of venturing into Installment warrants and Put MINIs to protect positions. I have been told to be aware of the liquidity issue of Warrants and MINIs. I want to get into the 4 major banks, Macquarie bank and Woolworth. I am...
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    LVR 0%, is it safe? 75+ trades a day, is it liquid enough?

    hi all =] just wondering, is it safe to buy stock which is stated 0% in lvr? right now, i split my watchlist into : 1. share with 75+ trades a day to ensure liquidity with 0% LVR (is 75+ trades are liquid enough? or should be 100+ ?) 2. share with 75+ trades a day with more than 0%...
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    Liquidity and Position Sizing

    Hi, I am currently (still) working on my first mechanical trading system and just revisiting how I manage liquidity and maximum position sizing, and whether there is a better way. My trading system is a short term mean reversion system, with the average trade being 4 days. I trade only the...