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  1. A

    Courses for trading? Books? Links? Any good ones?

    Hi all, I'm a new member of the forums and a newbie to the trading world. As such I need to learn as much as I can before I go throwing any hard earned into the market. My question is: What courses (TAFE, UNI, or otherwise) are worth doing? What books are worth the read? I would love to...
  2. tech/a

    Volume/Range and Price patterns - Post links here

    Technically I believe these are the keys to successful discretionary trading. Im looking over a period of years to find as much as I can on the subject from sources all over the web. Its my intention to compile a practical application guide on the best out there for public use. My main...
  3. Gringotts Bank

    Cool free software and links - market related

    Add your cool free software or links. Here's one to start: NB. Yahoo data is reliable for US markets and Aus indices only.
  4. N

    How to rename links

    How do I rename links so that they are still clickable but appear as normal text? For example, say i want to refer to the ASX website in one of my posts. How do I say, See here. Or click here. Or read this. And in fact make the underlined components an actual clickable link that when...
  5. JetDollars

    Links to stock market websites!

    Dear All, I am trying to use this post to any useful links to shares Website. Please feel free to post/s any websites that you consider useful for references: GENERAL SITES: - Australian Stock Exchange - Kim Reilly Trading Systems...