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life insurance

  1. weird2

    Looking for Life Insurance in SMSF

    Hi, can anyone please suggest a company/website where I can find an online quote for Life insurance specifically where I state it is within my SMSF? Thanks. Cheers.
  2. Bill M

    39 Year Old Life Insurance Policy Just Matured

    When I was a young fellow this insurance salesman walked into our training school and virtually signed us all up individually for a insurance policy. I knew nothing about insurance or investing. The deal was that you pay $2 a week and should you die your family would get a death benefit of...
  3. darkhorse70

    Life/income insurance for a 22yr old necessary?

    So a conpany called real insurance called and after some discussion with the guy on the phone it got me a little interested. Mainly the fact that if I get injured I still want an income so I can focus on trading. Now the real question. Are the odds against me. Is this a bad gamle to take. I...
  4. A

    Life insurance, proof of ID?

    Hi guys, I hope you can help me with this: it might be a bit of a weird question but I wonder if Australian life insurances ask for proof of ID of the beneficiary?? eg copy of passport or driving licence. It seems a bit off to me and I wonder if someone is trying to screw me over to get my...
  5. Ato

    Aussie life insurance?

    I was wondering if anyone has any info on life insurance in Oz. I'm looking for comments on rough costs per month for plans and how much they pay out, and of course what type of plans they are? I'm trying to compare to what I can find here in Japan. Thus far it seems Japan is damned expensive...