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  1. B

    How safe are LICs through this time? (such as WAM)

    How safe are LIC's long term right now? My GF has $60k invested in 4 portfolios with WAM (wilson asset management) since 2013 or so, that her dad set up for her. We brought up the idea of potentially pulling out of the shares, her dad insists to keep it in there says it will bounce back...
  2. ProphetMines

    Best way to use Amibroker to save NTA history for LICs

    I"m a new Amibroker user, fairly impressed with the power and flexibility. Back testing is amazing, once you get into the AFL formulas. Now I want to run a LIC (Listed Investment Company) back test that buys based on NTA discounts but I don't see how any historical values can be stored, other...
  3. B

    LICs and NTA Trap question

    So for those who know about LICs, they are valued based on the NTA per share, and then the stock price is either trading at a premium or a discount. So if you're investing in LICs, you want to buy at a discount to NTA. In a market such as currently which would be argued as expensive, this...
  4. P

    Listed investment Company Directors, what do they do?

    Either me being overly sceptical and thinking this is a bit of a gravy train, or are these posts really justified and add value to company’s, seems there are more than a few people making a VERY good living from being on the board of multiple LIC,s. Noticed just today with Wilson funds (ASX...
  5. O

    Index ETFs (STW) vs. LICs

    Hi I wonder if someone will enlighten me on two issues: 1. Would it be fair to say that there should not really be any difference in the long term growth/SP (in % terms) of an index ETF such as STW and that of a large LIC which invests in ASX 200 companies such as ARG or AFI. 2. Is there...