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  1. C

    Leverage 1:100, 1:200

    Hey all, Currently Trading on Aus platforms. Other than Blackbull Markets (based in NZ) does anyone know of any trading platforms that allows trading leverage of anything higher than 1:50 (prefer 1:100) where Australian Residents can using Aust Banks can register with? Regards Chris
  2. T

    New ASIC regulations restricting leverage

    Hi all, new here and quite new to trading. I need to understand what the new regulations mean for a trader like me? Will I ever be able to trade with a 300:1 leverage while I’m an Australian resident? are there exchanges that will still allow this? thanks!
  3. T0BY

    Australian Brokers may be forced to reduce leverage on FX & CFDs

    ASIC is proposing 20:1 leverage restrictions on spot FX, to come in line with ESMA, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, ect.. Little annoying, as not having to keep so much capital tied up with the broker is something I liked.. but I guess it was just a matter of time.
  4. H

    Interested in investing but don't understand how to beat housing leverage?

    Say I invest in an ETF or something similar and all goes well and I get an 8% return, so on 50 grand, that like 4 grand a year. Sounds pretty good ? But with housing, if I get a 4% return, but I borrowed 95% of the price even if the return was just 4%, that is an 80% return on my investment PER...
  5. T

    Stock Trading Margin/Leverage

    whats the typical margin/leverage you can get when trading stocks?
  6. T

    Leveraged investing (borrowing to invest)

    Most Derivatives are leveraged so a good place to discuss the subject. started here so not to fill IG thread.
  7. Zaxon

    Shares are already leveraged

    Most companies have debt that they use to grow their business faster than if they had to save up the cash. So essentially, when you're buying shares, you're mostly buying an already leveraged asset. If you then take out a LOC or margin loan, you're leveraging and already leveraged asset. Does...
  8. cynic

    Adios binary options, and adios high leverage!
  9. H

    Interactive Brokers: When to switch to Margin Portfolio account?

    What are the pros and cons of Margin Portfolio vs Reg T for IBKR customers who wish to apply leverage conservatively? When does it make sense to switch from Reg T to Margin Portfolio? For those investors who invest more in non-US stocks than US stocks, does it make sense to move to Margin...
  10. S

    Leveraged commodities trading

    Hi Friends, I need to invest in gold and silver (short term). What software can use and why? How much commission do they charge? About me : new trader. Want around 1:100 leverage atleast. Thoughts and comments will be appreciated. Thanks!
  11. S

    Can I trade forex without leverage/margin?

    I'm very sceptical about trading especially when 'costs may exceed the deposit in your account' and wanted to know if I can use my own money to trade positions in fx Markets without having gearing applied onto my account. Cheers in advance if anyone can clarify this for me, Matt
  12. L

    Suggestions on broker and leverage

    I intend to day trade GBPUSD and USDCAD utilizing a few models I have developed. I;m looking for suggestions about a reliable broker and appropriate leverage levels base don your experience.
  13. S

    What is the use of leverage in index trading?

    after all, you trading based on margin, 1% of the open value.
  14. Modest

    Leverage and losses question (newb)

    Opened up a demo account with Pepperstone using their cTrader software this week. I love the platform. Excuse my arrogance but I having trouble understanding how brokers will give _anyone_ $100,000 to play with so long as they deposit $1,000... My n00b questions: What if a trader (with...
  15. M

    What are the ways to buy shares with leverage?

    Aside from CFDs and going into a bank and getting a personal loan. What kind of information to companies publish for investors to look at ? For example, sales revenue, profit margins, gross sales, the amount of debt they have, recent purchases of other companies ect.. Are there ways to get...
  16. D

    CFDs and leverage: How much can I lose?

    So I have been trading shares on the ASX via commsec etc and it's usually short-medium term. I am thinking of opening a CFD trade account so I can go short as well as long. I am aware they are leveraged products. Since they are contracts for difference, just say: Buy: $1000, I only put down $100...
  17. pavilion103

    The benefits of leverage

    I am interested to get some opinions about leverage and the benefits (rather than focusing on the risks in this thread). If you are using leverage but still risking 1.5% of your overall account size per trade, will this generally result in needing less starting capital to make the same...
  18. Y

    Leverage for penny stocks?

    I`m into trading penny stocks again after the crash and I`m doing well. since the 1st of July I made 131 trades of which 6 were losing trades and 125 winning or breakeven trades. Interactive Brokers used to have 50% margin on those trades, but the financial meltdown put a stop to this...
  19. K

    Combining 'Trend Trading' principles with Options Leverage

    G'Day Forum readers, As the title says, I have been interested for quite a while in combining the principles of 'Trend Trading' with the leverage offered by applying basic Put and Call options on the underlying stock. I dabbled last year but found that my process lacked some of the...
  20. F

    Extreme Leverage

    I've been thinking (mostly before subprime) about using for lack of a better description (I know of) say tiered leverage. Lets say you start with 200k and used a margin loan to increase that to 670k (70%). If you were to invest that directly in to a managed fund like Macquarie Small Companies...