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letting profits run

  1. burglar

    Letting profits run

    My question, ... With regard to this trade, where would robusta be, if he let his profits run? Lifted this from MND thread, 8th Feb 2011: From "Your top 3 holdings and why you hold them": Here is the chart:
  2. R

    Letting profits run versus selling at target price

    Funny you brought this up Julia this has been in my thoughts for a while now. Having never used stop losses lately I have been considering the possibility of using a trailing stop to sell when one of my more liquid holdings reaches my calculation of fair to over valued. To date this has not...
  3. S

    Let your profits run?

    Hi all, So i have read this line in many books and in forums "let your profits run" I bought some GPT one month ago @ 49c and it has hit highs of 56c and then floated in between those 2 points. So I was at one stage about $1200 in front and today only $400 in front. After 1 month, i've...