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  1. Ann

    Share Consolidation - Legal Theft

    Until you as a shareholder experience a Consolidation of shares you will never be able to appreciate the feeling of being legally robbed of multiple thousands of dollars. It works this way. Buried in one of the annual reports or interim reports there will be a notification of a motion for...
  2. OzWaveGuy

    Taking Responsibility

    I thought this information may be useful to the few that wish to have more control in their lives and to have an understanding of how to go about it. Most believe they must follow the will of others even if the implementation of new rules seem illegal and unlawful (eg Carbon Dioxide tax is a...
  3. jersey10

    Short selling ban - Is it legal?

    How can it be perfectly legal for asic to ban short selling? Will there be any legal ramifications for asic over this? It doesn't seem right to me that it can be legal to artificially manipulate the market like they are doing. If they can do this, doesn't that mean that in a manic bull...
  4. Kimosabi

    ATO is not a legal entity by its own admission

    Well after discovering Ron Paul and his call to get rid of the IRS in America because it is illegal and unconstitutional, I decided to investigate the ATO, and guess what. The ATO is not a legal entity by it's own admission The ATO is also a private, foreign owned business, hence it is...