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  1. L

    Currently learning on my own

    Hey, I am studying to become a trader. I am 30 years old and have been studying by myself for the past 6 months. From what I have learnt so far is that discipline, emotions, psychology and risk management are key in trading. I am under no illusions that it is easy and I will press a few...
  2. C

    Any Good Resources for Learning Market Depth/Reading The Tape?

    Hey everyone, Has anyone got any recommended videos, blogs, book anything for reading market depth, can't find to many resources on it. Plenty on risk management, indicators and setups but can't find anything valuable on the subject. Thanks everyone
  3. mcgrath111

    Questions & Analysis - Mcgraths learning thread

    Hi All, I'm starting a thread to keep my learnings on track, which have largely stagnated the last few months. My aim for this thread is to gain feedback from the greater ASF members around some analysis of stocks I'm going to compile. The analysis will be on a variety of stocks that...
  4. Steve C

    Learning one or two stocks as a trading technique

    Hi guys, Just after some insights, As a little side project, I was thinking about choosing one or two stocks and learning what makes them tick both technically and fundamentally and then trading them. *Does this work? *What sort of stocks would this technique be most suited to? I was thinking...
  5. T

    Learning about gold

    Can anyone recommend any books on gold that cover things like how it forms, exploration, drilling, geology, mining / recovery, production, evaluating, refining etc? And / or books or other resources on interpreting (gold) drill results. Searching through amazon, but not having much luck. Also...
  6. M

    Optimal Self Education Strategies

    Hi all, im currently new to the forum, but have started learning about investing/trading for the past month or so (read a few books dabbled around on various broker sites and started trading on commsec). I have spent the last few years, working for myself, and have decided to venture off...
  7. S

    Learning fundamental analysis...

    For the purposes of teaching myself a little about fundamental analysis I am looking into the big four banks. Since it is a learning exercise, where possible I am setting up a spreadsheet with my own formulas. I would be very interested to hear opinions on the various metrics and how much...
  8. S

    Newbies and Learning

    Every so often I wander into the Beginners thread to see what is happening and I keep seeing the same questions asked over and over again, similarly I can see a serious lack of basic financial education and understanding in threads like Storm and Brisconnections. I myself have expressed my view...