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  1. So_Cynical

    Poll: Should all political threads be merged into one?

    The Poll question is: Should all political threads be merged into one super thread, like the Real Estate thread. I think it works well for real estate and see no reason why it wouldn't work for politics, as each new event happens a new conversation starts...would reduce the one sided clutter...
  2. drsmith

    Federal election Saturday, September 14, 2013

    Polish the baseball bats folks. She's announced the date. This will be a very, very long campaign.
  3. drsmith

    W.A. state election 2013

    The latest Newspoll shows Labor in even more strife than the feds currently, although Mark McGowan is much mpre popular than Eric Ripper was as opposition leader. What's going on here ? Are federal issues also in play ...
  4. R

    Is Ken Henry a Labor Stooge?

    An interview with Ken Henry and Chris Ulhmann in which Henry appears to justify the fiscal stimulus packages of the Rudd and Gillard gov'ts.