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  1. againsthegrain

    Coin operated kids ride-on machines - are they worth it?

    I am currently doing research on coin operated kids ride on machines. Wondering if anybody on asf has any experience or done anything similar that can give me some rough numbers. So far the kids machines look like the best type of a vending machine to me, there is no product to stock or...
  2. P

    Kids and their first Super fund from part time work

    My Daughter has had a part time job for the past 18 months, she works about 6 hours a week, during holidays, half term sometimes more, when she started it was her first job so the business she works for has been paying her super into the fund they use and an account was set up for her, I checked...
  3. B

    Buying shares for kids/children/daughter

    Hi all, I've read posts about this subject quite a while back (about buying shares for the kids). I just tried to finds those topics but have had no luck. Anyway, I just wanted to know how others have done this. Did you just buy the shares as if it was for yourself or did you buy it with...