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kevin rudd

  1. Garpal Gumnut

    Support Helen Clark former NZ PM for UN Secretary General over KRudd

    Helen Clark performed admirably as NZ PM during her terms in office. She has worked tirelessly since leaving politics in UN positions and understands the diplomacy involved in high office. The only other candidate from this part of the world is Kevin Rudd, and I will say no more about that...
  2. N

    Kevin Rudd: The next UN Secretary General?

    Kevin Rudd is going to save the world from ruin. Back in June 23 2010, when Rudd was "STABBED" in the back by Julia Gillard, my own belief at the time was, and I did post it somewhere on the ASF, the event was well engineered to release Rudd as Prime Minister to pursue his ambitions for the UN...
  3. Joe Blow

    Federal Labor Party discussion

    In an attempt to stop endless new threads being started about various single issues relating to Australia's political parties, I have decided to start a few threads that are intended for the general discussion of each party. There will also be a thread started for the discussion of all minor...
  4. Garpal Gumnut

    Kevin Rudd for PM

    Let's face it, Gillard has not got the bottle to be PM. It appears that the Greens and the 2 Independents will keep Labor in power until the next election when voters will have the chance to turf them out. Rudd could also count on Bob Katter as an ally, should one of the other three...
  5. Quincy

    Has Kevin Rudd misled parliament?

    Article in "The Australian" by Natasha Bita | June 19, 2009,,25658551-5006786,00.html The Daily Telegraph also reports today that a correspondence trail involving the Prime Minister's office points to Ford being asked to offer financial support...
  6. Garpal Gumnut

    Fair Shake Of A Sauce Bottle Mate

    I've just been catching up on the headlines since I've been back and came on this. Incredible. What a tool Kev07 is. What an utter tool. Even the Labor Caucus couldn't agree that this was a good use of Australian English. Perhaps this may be Kev07's jumping the shark moment. gg
  7. numbercruncher

    KEVIN RUDD - Wins the Australian Federal election!

    Congratulations ! :):)
  8. somesortoftrader

    Kevin Rudd

    Should Rudd's wife have to sell her company? :confused: I think it is quite unfair that, in order to be a politician ( ~ PM) the community would expect everyone around you (family, friends...) has to be not only super clean, but without self determination. If the labor party lean on...