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  1. S

    What non-Australian trading jobs should I apply for?

    Hi guys, Currently applying for all the aussie trading graduate jobs that I can (graduate end of this year with a math degree). My question is, is there any point applying to non Australian jobs? My university is about rank 7, so its not incredible, although I do have really, really good...
  2. SirRumpole

    The impact of technology on future jobs

    No doubt some here will think that this is socialist nonsense, but you can't deny it's happening now Digital disruption: How science and the human touch can help employees resist the march of the machines
  3. L

    Future investment question

    Hello everyone, I am 17 years old currently studying a diploma of business in high school. I am having trouble deciding what job to go for an was looking for some guidance, why do I come here to ask? Well I want to work in an investment type of job. I was thinking of getting into the...
  4. D

    Finance/Business jobs for students

    I'm currently in my 2nd year of university and rapidly approaching the half way mark of the year. I'm keen to finish up at my current job and looking for something finance or business related that would be willing to work around university hours. Can anyone recommend what sort of category I...
  5. Glen48

    Why common sense stops you from getting the good jobs

    Here we are staring down the barrel of a economy night mare and some experts have come up with, not only is it confusion think of the more Fed's they will hire to police the tankers and follow up on the paper work: The New Dynamic in Global Oil Demand By Addison Wiggin The average...