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  1. System

    JOB - Jobstore Group

    Jobstore Group currently operates an A.I.-powered online recruitment platform for sourcing and managing of candidates for businesses of all sizes (Recruitment Platform). The Recruitment Platform is comprised of two products: the Talent Sourcing Platform and the Application Tracking System. As of...
  2. S

    Intern needs Help to keep his Job!

    Hi. We've all been there. There's a time in which you need informations and no books or guru are going to provide those to you. It's simply time to ask. Directly. I'm an intern in a web agency. One of our clients asked us to sponsor his Forex platform on the majors internet publishers over...
  3. Z

    Getting a job with a Prop firm with a criminal record?

    When applying for a prop trader job with an Aussie prop trading firm do they ask if the applicant has ever been convicted of a crime on some sort of a job application form, or in the job interview? i went to prison for nine months 21 years ago when i was very young, but i have not broken the...
  4. S

    Looking for a job in Sydney

    Hello, I'm looking for a job in AU. Maybe some of you could help me or offer me something. I need a visa 457. I think the best for me is to find some proptrading company or hedge fund. Short story about me: -> I'm 27 years old, I finished Warsaw School Of Economics (Master degree). -> I...
  5. I

    What job do you do, and do you trade whilst working?

    Just curious what do people do and do you trade while working? I've noticed more and more of people working with and/or for me are trading online (some even while working). Even a tradie I had working for me was trading while on the clock, then again I was paying him for the work done and...
  6. VSntchr

    What would you need to quit your job and become a professional investor?

    This has been on my mind for a while. I would like to create this thread in order to get a scope of interest of what other people think is a sufficient amount of capital to get out of the workforce and take on investing as a full time profession. Whilst traders are welcome to participate in...
  7. F

    Job at Australian Stock Report

    Just noticed in the Age that there is a Sales Exec job going at ASR. Is it a good company? Anyone here worked there before? Does anyone actually use the ASR and is it a good product? Cheers in advance
  8. H

    You don’t need a journalism degree to get TV presenter’s job

    You don’t need journalist’s degree to get TV presenter’s job, so why so many do it? Just to pay HECS?