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jb hi-fi

  1. C

    JB Hi-Fi preference shares

    We have been analysing the annual report for jb hi fi for 2011, unfortunately we cannot find any reference to preference shares or Return on shareholder’s equity - we need to ascertain what the preference dividend figure is. Can some one point us in the right direction, even a page number or...
  2. Dominover

    Estimating Credit Sales - Financial Statements JB Hi-Fi

    Would anyone know how to estimate Credit Sales in an Australian Financial Report. I'm specifically looking at JB HIFI at the moment and can only find information on their Receivables but don't know how to estimate Credit Sales from that. Anyone know how to ascertain / glean Credit Sales from...
  3. P

    JBH - JB Hi-Fi

    Is anyone holding this stock what are your thoughts. Looks like it has good long term prospects. I would like to know what you think.