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  1. Tisme

    Japan Flood 2018

  2. J

    Raising public awareness to an investment scam - Pacific Alliances Tokyo Japan

    These cowboys are cold calling Australian citizens and probably other places too trying to push the next big stock that's going to go up 200% in 2 weeks. They honestly believe their own stories and are relentless when they think someone is interested. I've dragged them along so they think they...
  3. S

    Stock scanner for breakouts on Asian, European, Japanese and US bourses?

    Hi, I am a discretionary trader and had never use any scanning nor automated software before. So appreciate your good advice. I am wondering if there is any software or website, which can perform the following daily scans: 1. Breakouts (3 months or longer) 2. Daily end of day prices would...
  4. R

    Japan Based Traders?

    Hi All, Just wanting to refresh the timeline on this topic. In what I have read so far there have been people similar to myself that are physically based in Japan, but those threads are a few years old now. I'm an Aussie in Japan and looking to start trading (stocks). Specifically...
  5. C

    Japan - end of day data

    Hi, With Japan being home to the 3rd largest exchange in the world (and close to my time zone), I'm thinking that this will provide greater opportunities than the ASX. I can't seem to find any EOD for Japan. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks
  6. A

    Trading Japanese stock market TSX Tokyo Stock Exchange?

    Does anyone trade Japanese equities and indexes? I am looking for a good stock screener with decent parameters for the filters. Also, info on earnings, dividends, and especially Implied Volatility. Any recommendations for software / programs / websites most welcome.
  7. System

    IJP - iShares MSCI Japan ETF

    On July 8th, 2013, iShares MSCI Japan changed its name to iShares MSCI Japan ETF.
  8. Uncle Festivus

    Is Japan the Black Swan?

    For all the problems with the rest of the world, will Japan be the Black Swan event that tips the world into recession again? John Mauldins' Thoughts From The Frontline article Getting close to a 20% correction in the...
  9. M

    We Are Turning Japanese

    The US Federal Reserve did what it had to do. Low interest rate for the foreseeable future and it also stated the obvious, that inflation is low and that there are downside risks to the economy. The RBA and the Australian Government should take note. The RBA is applying a high interest policy...
  10. R

    Japan - Lost Decades

    I have found it hard to find much information on the Japan crash with the Nikkei crashing from about 39K to 7K, etc, and decades later still miles below the high. With all the talk of the 30's Depression and possibilites for the Credit Crunch to replicate something similar, how does this...
  11. mime

    What's Japan's problem?

    I'm so pissed off about their view on whaling so I thought I would bitch about it on this forum. What's their problem anyway? Why do they have to hunt an endangered species for profit?