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jamie mcintyre

  1. Garpal Gumnut

    Jamie McIntyre Dusts the Bite An interesting investigation by ABC consumer reporter Amy Bainbridge may be of interest to ASF Members. Where is ASIC when you need them, the investors must be asking. gg
  2. matty77

    21st Century Australia - Political Party

    All I can say is really? Just really? After nearly getting ripped off by this guy many years ago and knowing a few close friends that got sucked into one of their many share scams I cant believe people would be stupid enough to vote for these muppets. Discuss...
  3. H

    Bedford, Dimitri, McIntyre, etc. Clowns?

    Hi, everybody :banghead: ! Recently I've been looking into options after failing to get anywhere trading stocks and futures (main reason is lack of focused time). I like the idea of writing options for income and so have been looking into that aspect. It appeals greatly because one can...