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  1. SirRumpole

    If your fiance told you she was a Muslim...

    If your fiance told you she was a Muslim and you had to convert to Islam to marry her, what would you do ?
  2. N

    The Australian Muslim Party

    Good addition or a bad addition to Federal Parliament? How will it affect Tony Burke's seat of Watson in western Sydney?.... Will Ed Kuseck leave the Labor Party and join the AMP?..After all he did take his oath on the Koran. Will the AMP take votes from Labor and the Greens...
  3. MrBurns

    Bendigo Mosque UPF

    I was in some sympathy toward the anti mosque contingent but saw the UPF tonight on the ABC for the first time. A bunch of nut jobs, they will ensure the mosque is built problems.:rolleyes:
  4. SirRumpole

    Solution to the Islam problem in Western countries

    Go for it everyone...
  5. dutchie

    The West has lost its freedom of speech

    My respect to the victims of the Islamic terrorist attack on the journalists of the Charlie Hebdo newspaper. My condolences to all their families.
  6. Garpal Gumnut

    Islam: Is it inherently Evil?

    I have been ruminating over Islam since 9/11. I have a fair few Muslim mates, they are good people and devout. I do not have much truck with religion. The unpredictability of evil such as ISIS and the terrorist attacks in Canada makes me wonder. Is Islam evil? gg
  7. DB008

    Has the 100 year Jihad (war) begun ... ???

    Mixed Religious Ideologies (Christianity vs Islam) Tolerant vs Intolerant (Christianity vs Islam) Terror attacks on the West (Madrid, New York, London, Bali) and Wars (Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria) Beheadings of citizens of the West Politicians don't want to address/talk about this...
  8. P

    Are Muslim Extremists Invading Britain?

    This is worth watching, the young girl who comes across as tolerant and understanding is obviously deeply saddened by whats happening in her home town, as an Englishman it saddens me as well, extremists will always be part of society but these people who think they dont have to observe UK laws...
  9. R

    Welcome to 'Belgistan

    The graffiti on a building in Belgium says it all: "Welcome to 'Belgistan." In fact, some are now calling it the Muslim capital of Europe. Watch this video: I guess you could call some part of Sydney: 'sydnistan'
  10. Garpal Gumnut

    Another Islamist Burns Balls

    I do wish that title were an orignal of mine but it comes from The Spectator, Coffee House and is a must read. The article is by Rod Liddle. The comments section below this article is...
  11. Garpal Gumnut

    Islam, a philosophy in decline??

    An interesting article on the dilemma faced by many Islamists living in a postmodern world.
  12. E

    Islamo-Fascists Barbarians!

    Anyone who had any doubts as to what degree inhumanely barbaric the fanatical muslims (nearly all muslims are potential Jihadists) can be -ARE-, should go no further for convincing. Yesterday's Bali bombings recomfirm the danger Islam, that curse, that scourge of humanity, represents to the...