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  1. System

    MMM - Macarthur Australia

    Macarthur Australia is an exploration and development company focused on identifying and developing high grade lithium projects and two Iron Ore Projects in Western Australia; the Ularring hematite project and the Moonshine magnetite project. It is anticipated that MMM will list on the ASX...
  2. B

    Where can I find daily iron ore price and chart?

  3. D

    Where to get Iron Ore chart?

    Does anyone know where I can get a daily chart for the iron ore price? I'd like to plot the FMG share price over the iron ore price. I have access to AmiQuote/AmiBroker if that helps. Whenever I type "iron ore chart" or "iron ore price chart" into Google it only provides very vague...
  4. Smack

    Real Time Feed for Iron Ore Spot Price

    Hello people. I am in need of having real time (or close to it) feed for US iron ore spot price 24/7. Can anyone assist me for links? I have scoured the web for many days and cannot find anything. There are many providers who provide historical iron ore spot price (like 10-12 hours...
  5. R

    Indonesia total ban on ore exports by 2014 indonesia may impose tax on ore exports before total ban by 2014. Lolz, sounds like a winner of an idea.
  6. springhill

    When will the Iron Ore bubble burst?

    Hey Guys was just thinking today bout the number of Iron Ore producers, explorers and wannabes. Things are looking great on the Aussie scene for the time being while Rio, BHP and now FMG have the lions share of IO exported. But with so many mid-caps endevouring to come onstream in the next 3-4...
  7. Miner

    Iron Ore - General Commentary

    There are so many iron ore companies and I thought why not start a new thread with general commentary , news on iron ores which of interest all iron ore stocks non specific to a particular thread With this preamble I am posting this news on iron ore situation in India and relationship with...
  8. Damuzzdu

    Iron Ore Plays - Discussion

    Thought I start a new thread about Iron Ore plays in general. To get this started I will list the stocks that I'm following with a website link for each of those companies. These are smaller type companies. Iron Ore seems to be one of the hotter sectors right now, just like Uranium was...

    Iron Ore

    Been reading a bunch of articles saying the Indians have introduced an export tax or levy on thei Iron Ore Exports and as a result alot of Chinese Steel Firms, mainly Sino Steel have stopped importing Iron Ore from China, Looks like they'll be scouring the Aussie Mkt even more now :)
  10. GreatPig

    FMG - Fortescue Metals

    Sometimes the market can be so sadistic :banghead: I bought this stock in early August for $3.06 then sold a week odd ago for $3.00, as it appeared to be dropping off. Within a day or two of selling it started heading up again. I got another buy signal on it a couple of days ago, but by...