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  1. K

    Need assistance to set trailing stop loss on NAB IRESS

    Hi all, I have a few shares that are starting to run and I would like to add a trailing stop loss. I have access to the NAB IRESS but unfortunately the help files are basically non existent. I see the the IRESS software is used by many companies and different modules and aspects of the IRESS...
  2. Synergy

    Commsec IRESS question

    Hi, I understand IRESS is able to send live data to excel. Is IRESS able to receive buy/sell signals back from Excel, or even another program? If I was looking to set up a live automated system would it be possible through IRESS and Excel? Cheers
  3. B

    Commsec [CFD] data feeds: IRESS vs. "live ASX data feed"

    Does anyone here trade CFDs with Commsec and use the "live ASX data feed"? I'm looking at the Commsec CFD (demo) trading platform right now. I notice that they offer a "live ASX data feed". Is this any better than/different to their IRESS trading platform (which sells for $82.50 per...
  4. E

    IRESS Trader on Java

    Hi all, With Java being shown as a major security threat and the recommendation by the US government to remove Java from your machine. I would like to know if IRESS trader, which is Java based, will be changed or if I should look to change to a different trading platform.
  5. Q

    Iress live data into Amibroker

    Hi, does anyone know if you can get live intra-day Iress data into Amibroker to update automatically. Cheers, Quinn
  6. K

    Screening for stocks in IRESS

    Hi, im new to comsec Iress so I am wondering how I would go about screening for stocks with a particular trading volume or range, etc within IRESS. Is this possible? Thanks in advance Keith