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  1. Gringotts Bank

    New Floats ASX Could someone versed in FA please give the low-down on this financials and the management (if known)? Prospectus available on website - can't post pdf here. Thanks.
  2. skc

    IPO historical list

    Hi, I am wondering if anyone has come across a list of all IPOs on the ASX by year? Often brokers / banks might do a league table or something at the end of the year to see which IPO has done well and which one has tanked. Anyone got anything like this for the last few years? You'd...
  3. TPI

    Using full-service brokers to get better access to IPO allocations

    Hi there, I have been reading Hotcopper and a few people there have got large allocations for some IPOs through their full-service brokers. Anyone else using such brokers for this purpose? I guess brokerage rates would be higher, but I have read that some people are paying a flat annual fee...
  4. easylikesunday

    Newly listed ASX stocks

    Hey. Is there a search I can do to find recently added stocks to the ASX? I had a look on the ASX website and tried Google but could only find recently added managed funds. Any help would be appreciated. Regards, Matt
  5. J

    Prospective IPOs

    Hi all, I have seen couple of IPO'S are doing really well on their first day (although there are some not doing well). Some of them are because they have good tenements, good management or institutional investors. I would like to open up discussion of PROSPECTIVE IPO ie. that is IPO with...
  6. S

    Profiting from IPOs

    Hi all I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on my latest investing technique. I have been investing in IPO's and have been profiting from them. Initially i invested in companies from tips, ie copperco, however i recently invested in the Redstone IPO, purchased at 25 cents, sold at...