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  1. Austwide

    Purchase date of an IPO

    What is the purchase date of an IPO for CGT purposes? Is it date of application, money taken from account, close of applications, or listing date? I assume it is listing date, as real estate is when contract becomes unconditional and that's when IPO's become unconditional. I couldn't find an...
  2. Austwide

    Tax date for IPOs

    What date is used for CGT for IPO purchases? Is it the Contract date Payment date The allocated date The listing date or some other date? I assume it's the contract date as with real estate but would be disappointed to lose CGT discount based on an assumption.
  3. S

    Coinbase IPO Big time crypto exchange is said to become public this year through IPO? Might have some potential here hmmm
  4. So_Cynical

    CBR - Carbon Revolution

    Carbon Revolution will list in late November 2019, i can't find a prospectus because the IPO managers had a very easy time finding clients to take the few shares available at the top end of the range $2.60, two listed LICs have holdings ACQ Acorn Capital have been in since 2015 and TEK Thorney...
  5. greggles

    Uber IPO

    I just watched the Four Corners episode on Uber. Fascinating stuff. I had no idea the company was so ruthless and had so much ambition. I was aware of Uber Eats but not of the amount of capital they were spending developing driverless cars and other projects such as Uber Air. The IPO is...
  6. S

    IPO thoughts?

    Hi, Can you give your recommendations on the following 2 IPO's. Thanks, Sasha.
  7. M

    ICO / IPO and regulators

    A recent news from Singapore's financial regulator made me think again FINTECH/ ICO has been a buzz word in recent years but many forget that irrespective of the buzz and hype / new technology etc the fundamental of all this is a Financial product and i't marketing, or am I missing something? In...
  8. F

    Saudi Aramco IPO in March? Biggest ever - anyone doing?

    It seems you may be able to reserve an allocation now? Due diligence required.
  9. skc

    IPO historical list

    Hi, I am wondering if anyone has come across a list of all IPOs on the ASX by year? Often brokers / banks might do a league table or something at the end of the year to see which IPO has done well and which one has tanked. Anyone got anything like this for the last few years? You'd...
  10. A

    How is a stock's IPO price decided?

    I have always wondered how it is decided what the stock will list as. For example, some stocks are 0.10 cents and have market caps of 50MIL and meanwhile some stocks are listed at $12 and have a market cap of 50mil. When I was a complete noob, I always thought the $12 stock was the blue chip...
  11. TPI

    Using full-service brokers to get better access to IPO allocations

    Hi there, I have been reading Hotcopper and a few people there have got large allocations for some IPOs through their full-service brokers. Anyone else using such brokers for this purpose? I guess brokerage rates would be higher, but I have read that some people are paying a flat annual fee...
  12. C

    MPL - Medibank Private

    Whats the consensus on this one, haven't had chance to study it fully, will they be paying a dividend ?
  13. A

    IPO investment

    Hi, I'm new to IPO investment. There are many IPO's coming to the market regular basis. Can you please suggest how to filter a good quality IPO to invest. Please guide ....I am confused in the jungle of IPO's .... how to choose the best IPO ?
  14. C

    US Market IPO Alerts

    Hi, I am interested in a few US companies that are likely to have a stock market launch later this year. I don't want to miss out on the IPOs so was wondering if anyone knows of an email service to alert you of new US market IPOs? Also I have never done an international IPO. What are the...
  15. System

    GNE - Genesis Energy

    Genesis Energy is a diversified energy company, operating in the New Zealand electricity industry, which sells electricity, natural gas and LPG through their Customer Experience business. The Company generates electricity, and trades electricity and natural gas, through their Energy Management...
  16. T

    IPO Minimum purchase

    H there, Wasn't sure where to post this, so hopefully this location will be ok. I have read that most brokers minimum purchase amount is $500 and after this amount one is able to purchase any other amount. What is the minimum purchase amount of shares with IPO's, does the company set...
  17. T

    SHJ - Shine Justice

    Shine Lawyers is gonna come in the ASX soon ! Now they offer the pre share... What do you reckon? Any idea about the company? :2twocents
  18. M

    How can I sort all ASX codes by their IPO date?

    I want to see the performance of IPOs listed in the past three years, especially shares. Thanks for any help.
  19. S

    2012 ASX listed Gold Companies IPO Summary

    I've compiled a list of IPOs which went to market in 2012 that mentioned they were actively exploring for gold, held interests in gold companies or had prospective tenements for gold (27 companies in all). Full results attached. Top 5: 1. BOA Boadicea Resources 170.0% 2. BBR Bora Bora...
  20. T

    IPOs & Placements and the settlement mechanics

    Hi Guys Just wondering if anyone could provide me with any information in regard to the difference between a IPOs & a placement. Also I would be interested to know how the shares for each are actually settled. I would assusme that with an IPO if a broker received a allocation from the...