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  1. young-gun

    iPhone or Galaxy SIII?

    My partners contract on her iPhone 3 is up so we went shopping on the weekend to get her a new phone. We have both been huge fans of the iPhone, so naturally we went for the iphone 5 first. After having a play around with it, it's really quite disappointing. They haven't really provided any new...
  2. K

    Broker with iPhone app

    Hi, I have recently moved to Australia and I'm planning to open a trading account with one of the online brokers here and start trading. I would not trade very frequently, may be 5 trades a month of approx $10k each. I went through the websites of online brokers but got confused in their...
  3. Joe Blow

    Aussie Stock Forums Mobile

    Those of you who access ASF using a mobile device such as an iPhone or an Android phone will be pleased to know that a dedicated ASF mobile app will be available soon. This app will be free for all ASF members and visitors. No specific release date has been set, but if all goes to plan it...
  4. L

    ASX iPhone App and Software

    Hey guys, I'm after some recommendations on an iphone app and computer software for trading, an iphone app in ASX trading in particular. Pretty new to all this trading stuff as I usually just watch on the side lines. Thanks, Luke
  5. GumbyLearner

    Apple iPhone & China seal censorship deal

    Apple blocking Dalai Lama, Kadeer, iPhone apps: report WASHINGTON ”” Bowing to Chinese law, Apple is reportedly blocking iPhone users in China from downloading applications about two figures Beijing...
  6. MrBurns

    The iPhone

    Just got an IPhone, what a great piece of equipment but it would take forever to learn everything about it. It works in rather strange ways sometimes, to upload photos you have to download iTunes and use that interface etc etc. If there's enough users here we might swap knowledge. You...
  7. S

    Apple iPhone vs. Nokia N95

    Though some members may be interested in these 2 amazing phones... This is a CNet Review,239036203,339279031,00.htm I'm looking at updating and leaning towards to upcoming N95 in the New year when they support Telstra's Next G. (T's version of...