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    NabTrade iPhone app - conditional orders

    Hello there, NEWB question here. I want to set up an stop loss or conditional order for my shares. I called NAB and they said it was a free service on the mobile app. He said it's easy to set up but it is not. I've done my google and youtube before coming here and i though i might ask if...
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    iPhone App to show my target buy price next to current share price?

    Hi, I'm quite happy with the standard Stocks App Apple provides on the iPhone and iPad. The feature I'm missing though is the ability to display my target buy price next to the live share price. I've looked at a number of Apps, and some support the creation of alerts once the share...
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    ASX iPhone App and Software

    Hey guys, I'm after some recommendations on an iphone app and computer software for trading, an iphone app in ASX trading in particular. Pretty new to all this trading stuff as I usually just watch on the side lines. Thanks, Luke