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  1. bigdog

    Foxtel Go App - Watch Foxtel On Your iPad

    "Foxtel Go" App - Watch Foxtel On Your iPad -- now shows all AFL football games live on the APP provided that the account holder has paid for AFL; -- the AFL games started a few weeks ago in the App. -- you can watch what the account holder has paid for -- Watch "Live" programs and...
  2. P

    iPad or Android tablet?

    I’m looking to get one of these, either the I Pad mini or Nexus 7 or Galexy tab 2, there are others but at the moment it comes down to these 3, the I pad is far more expensive but is it worth it ?, the nexus is the cheapest but is it as good ?, are you paying more for the I Pad as its an Apple...
  3. T

    iPad app for scalping and swing analysis

    Hey guys, What apps do you use on your ipad for scalp and swing analysis?
  4. R

    About time, AFR on iPad

    I thought these mob never get out of the dinosaur age... My iPad 3 now got a lot more use and share time with flipboard apps