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  1. A

    From private to public company

    We are located in Australia and putting together a national food service distribution business by acquiring already operational businesses with strong financials and greater than 15 year trading history. Once under our control each business allows a limited number (400) of the customers...
  2. tech/a

    You Have 5 Must Know Tips for Traders or Investors: They are? Why?

    I'm interested in your best of the best. Your absolute Must Go too's. The things that you KNOW give you consistent profit.
  3. greggles

    Is 2018 shaping up to be a shocker of a year for investors?

    Low interest rates, inflated property market, a bloated U.S. stock market. I can't see much ahead for 2018 that is positive. Corrections seem far more likely. Where will the investment opportunities be in 2018? Short everything? :eek:
  4. H

    Investors ask how to prepare for an Aussie market sell-off

    Seems like Australian investors are positioning themselves for a sell-off in the Australian stock market. Australia stocks have been a laggard this year compared to global counterparts...
  5. R

    How do investors here deal with tax issues?

    Hi I was just wondering how do people deal with tax on profits when they sell shares?? I began buying stocks from last September and I now want to rotate into cheaper stocks, but I'll incur a huge tax bill if I sell (more than 35%, tax is more than my day job wages for the whole year), so I'm...
  6. H

    What newspaper should Aussie stocks investors subscribe to?

    For U.S investors, it is the Wall Street Journal. For UK investors, it is the Financial Times. How about Aussie stock investors? What financial newspaper should they subscribe to?
  7. M

    Seeking Investors with Margin Loans who suffered negligence from loan providers

    We are trying to determine the number of sharemarket and managed fund investors who were affected during the GFC in 2008 by negligent loan providers, for a potential Class Action against these financial institutions for professional negligence in the management of Margin Loans. This is...
  8. tech/a

    For Sophisticated Investors

    What is that? Who are they? How do I become one. Surely its me all over!
  9. The Owls

    Mum and Dad Investors vs. the Professionals

    This is what I think: We are all 'Mum and Dad' investors I have always found the term' Mum and Dad investors' irritating and condescending. It has connotations that all the financial gurus of the world make all the very wise financial decisions and allow the 'Mum and Dad Investors' to...
  10. Joe Blow

    Brisbane Traders and Investors Expo this weekend

    Anyone going to this Traders and Investors Expo at the convention centre in Brisbane this weekend? Anyone been to something like this before? Is it worth it?