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  1. K

    Who has my investment?

    Hi Everyone, I was hoping someone on this site could give me ideas about tracking down investments that my father made and is receiving dividends. I have been appointed as a guardian of his financial affairs, but sadly because he has Alzheimer's, he cant remember who he invested with. I don't...
  2. wayneL

    Long Volatility as an Investment

    Those of us involved with options are aware, or should be, about the intrinsic vector of the pricing of volatility. A few months ago I briefly mentioned the investment strategy known as the Hawk and The Serpent, as proposed by Chris Cole of Artemis Capital Chris' thesis is having a strategic...
  3. R

    6 Ways to Make Smarter Investment Decisions

    Here are a few psychological tools that can instantly help you to make better investment decisions. Distancing In 1985, Intel has a tough decision to make: expand its core memory chip business that is rapidly losing money due to heavy competition from Japanese counterparts or bet on their...
  4. jbocker

    Stamp Collecting as an Investment

    Has anyone tried investing in stamps, that has met some success? I know periods in the past have been very good as stamps became a fashionable investment when people realised some enormous increases in value. Then people thought that could be repeated by hording sheets of recent issues...
  5. SirRumpole

    Investment potential of memorabillia

    Shane Warne is putting his baggy green cap up for auction to help the bushfire appeal (good on him). The bid is already at $315,000. I can foresee the...
  6. SirRumpole

    Investment implications of Climate Change

    How to profit from global warming, where to invest, what to avoid.
  7. M

    Death of investment in certain areas

    Probably could have chosen a better title, but couldn't think of the right word (medium? Class?) Anyway, was talking to a guy that invested in antiques who thinks the market in them has been trashed. Reckons a lot of stuff is destined for the dump. Which got me thinking to the generational...
  8. A

    From private to public company

    We are located in Australia and putting together a national food service distribution business by acquiring already operational businesses with strong financials and greater than 15 year trading history. Once under our control each business allows a limited number (400) of the customers...
  9. KnowThePast

    My (Automated) Investment Journey

    Hi everyone, Time for a new investment thread! Those who followed my previous investment journey know that I always had a lean towards automated strategies. That interest eventually took me to start a new technology business, which I will now be using to invest my super portfolio. I will...
  10. noirua

    Gurus - Investments and General

  11. ducati916

    duc's 'Margin of Safety' investment

    So here is my choice: My total investment will be $10K My entry price is $5.22. I have 1530 shares for a total of $7987 [not inc. commissions] I have a surplus of $2K This thread will not be particularly active and will simply plod along unless something really dramatic and unforeseen...
  12. A

    Primary production investment

    Farmers at the moment are struggling so we are providing an alternative funding for them without having to get loans from banks so they can keep their land and stock. If I could offer a potential $100,000 return in 12 months, would you be prepared to invest in shares of that profit. If the...
  13. R

    To hedge or not to hedge? - S&P 500 Investment - Short and Long term

    Hi all, First post to the aussie stock forum. I've spent a few hours searching and reading but still felt the need to drop my thread here. Hoping to learn and contribute where I can in the future. I wish to open 2 positions in the S&P 500 (5 year and 15+ year) but am unsure whether to hedge to...
  14. M

    Ideas for 1yr low capital low risk/return investment

    Hello everyone, Last time i was on this forum was a looong time ago. I need some investment advice. Having read the thread on financial planners i'm even more worried than i was before about getting independent advice. If you have the time, i'd love to know what you'd do in our situation: We...
  15. tech/a

    Investment - Good debt vs. Bad debt

    From time to time I'm asked to speak to school kids in their final year. I make an example of investment in Business V Investment in a Sports Car both on credit as a powerful example of good debt V bad debt. I'm often told this has a clear effect on some students. Keeping it very basic. Loan...
  16. SFA

    Time is not important for long-term investment

    Many believe that the timing of an investment is not important or not relevant for a long term investment. Therefore, people believe that losing money for a short period of time is justifiable. . This belief is for those who fail to get their timing right!. Many people only actively select and...
  17. basilio

    Thoughts on a new investment product

    I came across this new investment scheme that has been launched in Melbourne. Short story is that it invites people to join a fund that purchases carefully selected residential properties in prime Melbourne suburbs with a view to benefiting from their capital appreciation over time. Minimum...
  18. S

    First time investment income portfolio advice

    Hi everyone, This is my first post basically I am extremely new to investing, I have never invested in any form of shares, bonds etc. Recently I have been looking into the idea of investing and not just saving. I would like to build a basic income flow type portfolio, I have focused on ETFs...
  19. Cam019

    Contrarian Investment Journal

    Hi all, I'm relatively new to this forum but after having a bit of a read through robusta's and KnowThePast's documented investment journeys, I have decided to start one of my very own. I am using a fairly simple systematic deep value investing strategy to find stocks trading at a significant...
  20. H

    Safe but Effective Investment options

    Hi Everyone :) Good looking forum. I'd like to pick your Brains if I may. I recently left work due to Health conditions. I have been placed on a Disability Support Pension. I'm sorry I can't talk too much about the medical conditons or the situation surrounding it. I am not sure if I will...