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investment property

  1. againsthegrain

    Buying positively geared IP with ~50% deposit

    I am keeping my eyes open for next year if any good opportunities/distresses sales might find their way onto the market. The specific target I would be looking at would be a IP with 50%~60% deposit. This would mean the loan I would need to take would be positively geared. The rental income...
  2. G

    Beginner, shares or rental house?

    hi i'm a beginner and still learning about how things work. i know that shares are generally better in returns than real estate, but i'm unclear. generally speaking, if my sister and i purchase a unit and rent it out to help pay it off (250k purchase price, 130k deposit, 120k loan), won't i...
  3. CanOz

    Our first Investment Property - Step 1: The Buyer's Agent

    I mentioned i would start a new thread regarding our property purchase and since we have not settled yet i thought i would cover the beginning of the story leading up to the purchase including our hiring of a buyers agent. My wife and i wanted to purchase our first investment property...
  4. R

    Investing in Shares after investment property sale

    I am very new to Shares so I am looking for peoples opinions on the following so a bit of background first: - I have a couple of investments properties and I am in the process of putting one of them up for sale and will keep the other one which is negatively geared. - After fees and taxes...
  5. F

    Increase in ads regarding investment property

    I don't know if it's just me but there seems to be an increase in ads about investment property on tv and elsewhere. Also the ads are from lenders (RAMS and CBA for example) and not property spruikers. Any one else notice this?
  6. I

    Is now the time to buy that investment property?

    Said in a reply to another thread, houses renting for 300 a week are available for under 250k in Brisbane's west. So, the question - is an investment house strategy going to be more profitable, over say two years, than 250k invested in the ASX 200. Credible predictions suggest flat to 8%...
  7. Nyden

    Investment property

    Hello all, & a Merry Christmas! Or rather, to be politically correct - happy holidays! OK, bit of an odd question here (sounds rather complicated to myself, but I'm sure to you Guru's it's a quickie) :- If I were to buy my first house with intent on renting it out for 3-4 years, would this...