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    Rebalancing Investment Portfolio

    Hi Guys, 2 years ago a financial advisor helped me setup an investment portfolio using a combination of managed funds and ETF's. So far I have been pretty happy with the performance. However, I am now concerned that the %'s are a bit too heavy in the fixed income class. Current breakdown of...
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    Diversifying investment portfolio

    Does anyone practice portfolio diversification? Is this done through ETFs or individual stocks? If stocks, how many stocks are required and what process do you undertake to ensure there is diversification?
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    Inheriting an investment portfolio

    Hi. Having inherited an investment portfolio, we are very new to this game and each answer we seek, seems to bring more questions - and cynicism on my part. I have received different answers from our Solicitor, our Financial advisors and the broker currently managing the portfolio. Shares are...
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    Accumulating wealth whilst paying off the mortgage

    I'm looking to buy my first home and have been doing my research on home loans and came across this product called Aspire from **Company Name Removed** and wanted to get everyones thoughts on it. Has anyone dealth with them before? Basically the loan has 3 components: 1. Home Loan (standard...
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    Investment portfolio spreadsheets

    I am having real trouble organizing a spreadshet to track my portfolio in order to link the profit/loss and end amont to my business portfolio to give a reflection fo the worth of my total assets. I have used the link profided in another thread to the Capital Gains template offered by MS...