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  1. S

    Using line of credit to invest in shares: tax question

    I'm looking at using leveraging for investment. I've decided that I will take out a line of credit as a separate loan against my home, the idea is to put the money into my current portfolio of ETFS and LICS. Currently my dividends are completely reinvested through DRIP. Option one: Keep...
  2. qprjames

    Should I invest in stocks or keep invested in commercial property?

    Sorry not quite sure which forum listing this should be under. I am just trying to work out my future plans, but not quite sure the best route to take. I have an investment property (freehold motel) passive investment conservatively valued at 1.1 million. It has a 400k loan attached to it. It...
  3. D

    What is it you're most afraid of when it comes to stock investing?

    Hi fellow investors, just curious to find out what is it you're most afraid of when it comes to stock investing? What does it frustrate you to think about? What obstacles regularly present themselves?
  4. R

    Investing in Shares after investment property sale

    I am very new to Shares so I am looking for peoples opinions on the following so a bit of background first: - I have a couple of investments properties and I am in the process of putting one of them up for sale and will keep the other one which is negatively geared. - After fees and taxes...
  5. The Mint Man

    Why would you invest in shares???

    When you can just earn over a mil a week doing what you love!!!! :eek: