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  1. pythagoras

    Which is the best way to invest in the Indian share market?

    G'day folks, I'm new to investing (since Friday last week). My main goal is long term investment, however, my starting cash is quite low and already used up in 2x ASX ETFs and 2x Aussie businesses that do not pay dividends. I am currently using Commsec as a platform to invest. Any one have...
  2. Niqu

    Where to invest now?

    Hi. Apologies if this is not the correct place to ask this question. I have saving of 30k and would like to know if this is the correct time to buy shares and hold them for 2-3 years or use the 30k to reduce my mortgage interest rate.
  3. D

    Virgin trader

    Hi all im a investor vigin and im so confused. I have 5k i wanna break up over 10 shares and looking either short term or long term . Any suggestions . Im look at worley and pilbara minera atm in the asx only please help
  4. willoneau

    Using ETF to invest

    I have opened an account for my daughter to invest her savings in EFT's over the long term any thoughts or idea,s? She is not interested in trading, but leaving in bank is a waste.
  5. Frankieplus

    How much should I invest in short term trades?

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to work out how much I should invest in short term trades, buy and then sell within days and weeks rather than hold for months... I have never done this before but I have been doing a lot of research and getting advice on which stocks I should trade. Now I know that...
  6. bigdog

    Millennials turn to apps for a different way to invest their money

    Are there any current users of Stake? What is your opinions about Stake? Looks like was launched in 2018...
  7. Tl9998

    Best place to invest house deposit

    hello all, Thank you for all of the great replies in the long term section about investing into super! I have another question: I have $15,000 in a term deposit doing 2.45% and matures in December this year. I’ll make a total of $300. Looking to put this into a share portfolio until I’m...
  8. R

    To hedge or not to hedge? - S&P 500 Investment - Short and Long term

    Hi all, First post to the aussie stock forum. I've spent a few hours searching and reading but still felt the need to drop my thread here. Hoping to learn and contribute where I can in the future. I wish to open 2 positions in the S&P 500 (5 year and 15+ year) but am unsure whether to hedge to...
  9. Userman

    NXS - Nexus Gold Corp (TSX.V)

    Nexus Gold to Complete Initial Work Program at Bouboulou Concession, Burkina Faso Vancouver, BC / TheNewswire / July 28, 2016 - Nexus Gold Corp. ("Nexus" or the "Company") (TSX-V: NXS) is pleased to announce that it intends to complete an initial work program at the Bouboulou Gold Concession...
  10. A

    Approx $300K to invest

    Hi All, Apologies for the long post but I wanted to get as much detail into the post as I could. Between myself and my wife we have approximately 300,000 AUD to invest most of these funds are currently held in overseas currencies in bank accounts (GBP & EUR). We worked and lived overseas for...
  11. SFA

    Investment Myths

    Investment Myths There are a lot of myths and misconceptions floating around on the internet about investments. Advice such as diversify your investments, only invest in bluechips, buy cheap, etc. The biggest lies are “investment is too risky, so just leave it to the ‘professionals’ to do the...
  12. Tyler Durden

    What was it like to invest in the 90's?

    I first stepped into the share market in around 2007 by purchasing JB Hifi shares. If I had more patience, I would've made a bit of money, but as soon as it went down a bit I sold out hehe. Anyway, I didn't take a real keen interest in the market again until maybe around 2010, and since then...
  13. Tyler Durden

    How to invest in the ASX generally?

    Might seem like a stupid question for someone who has been a member here for a while, but I wanted to know how I can invest in the ASX as a whole? What I mean is, let's say before the market opens, I think the whole ASX will go up. What do I have to do, in practical steps, to invest in the...
  14. O

    50k in bank, want to invest it

    Hi all, I am in my early 30s with about 50k currently in an ING saver account. I have just started a small company so need to start paying myself super.. My work does not allow a lot of downtime for trading, so I am looking to put my money somewhere with not too much of a requirement for...
  15. A

    "Give" my money away to my wife to invest in shares

    Hi My wife doesn't have any income....Can she by shares on her name with my money (that I give to her) so the profit she makes is taxed within her income range (will be below threshold) ? or that profit adds up to my income as it was my money to begin with ? If she indeed can, does she need a...
  16. T

    China to invest $100 billion on railway from Shanghai to Beijing

    There is an imminent business opportunity in China. Its 100 billion rail way project has been proved and finished it feasibility study. I feel there should be some Australian company would benefit from this project and get a share of this 100 billion. But I am not sure which one. BHP and iron...
  17. pepperoni

    20k to invest - anyone got a red hot stock tip?

    Ater a sensible short term gain (10% ... more would be nice) I dont mind a bit of risk. A friend has told me to look at the S&P Midcap Index and find a stock that is more than 30% below its 52 week high but at least 10% above its 52 week low. How does that sound??