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  1. B

    First post intro/questions/opinions

    Hi all, New to the forum and was looking for some info / opinions on investment options. Recently just sold off some investment properties and have some capital laying around collecting a measly 3% return in the bank. i want to look at investing outside of the property market but I'm not...
  2. S

    Hi all newbie here, introduction and question about Australian government bonds

    Hi all newbie here, i am near the end of "The intelligent investor" by Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffet calls it 'The best book on investing ever written' and am near the end of a macro economics textbook and just finished a financial institutions, markets and instruments textbook. I have ~5k to...
  3. History Repeats

    Introduction and Plan

    Currently an Uni student, double degree: applied finance and accounting. Aim: professional trader Products i like to trade: -index futures -bond futures -STIR futures -stocks (Have not decided yet which one i like to focus on) Here is what i have constructed for myself. A...
  4. jeromejf

    Beginners - Introduce yourselves!

    hi !! just noticed your forums on the web... nice ..hope i can learn something here.. ive just started trading recently from home... hope to grow my spare cash savings.. :)
  5. tech/a

    An Introduction to Technical Analysis/Realtime examples of Analysis

    Thought it better to have the examples in one area so they can be followed and it doesnt clutter up threads on specific topics.---My mistake.