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intrinsic value

  1. D

    Ben Graham Instrinsic Value Calculation

    Looking for some insights guys in understanding how you go about calculating the IV for a stock. The modified Graham IV for a growth stock is the following: IV= [EPS x (8.5+2g) x 4.4]/Y Where g is the growth rate and Y the risk free rate. In the formula Graham uses 8.5 for a no growth stock...
  2. L

    Intrinsic Value

    G'day. I understand i'm new here but after browsing around i couldn't find any answers specific to my question, or find any rules stating that this is improper, so apologies if it is. I have been reading and trying to learn about the stock market for about a year or two now, (im 18) and ive been...
  3. B

    Which website do I use for intrinsic value for Westpac Bank?

    Hi all, I have found various stock websites/apps give different values for intrinsic value of Westpac Bank (symbol wbc). For example: = $15.75 = $21.21 = $20.33 My question is simple. Which is the one I use? In other words which site is the most...
  4. J

    Intrinsic Value Calculation

    Hello again, i apologise if this is the improper means by which to ask such a question but i had a question: I understand that the primary means by which you should value a stock should begin firstmost with analyzing the management, debt, assets etc. But i was curious what is the raw calculation...
  5. pblain

    Free online tool for value investors

    What do you think of this tool? It calculates the intrinsic value of ASX listed companies using different methods. It’s free BTW.
  6. A

    How does one calculate a stock's intrinsic value?

    Does anybody have any calulations on how to work out a stocks intrinsic value? Thanks in advance : - )
  7. TPI

    Buffett's 5 second intrinsic value calculation

    Hi, Buffet has said that he can calculate intrinsic value (IV) in less than 5 seconds, how does he do that? According to this article... ...A simple formula is free cash flow / risk-free rate. Eg. For REA in 2014 cash...
  8. S

    FMG overpriced? CCL?

    I saw a comment on my online broker (NABTrade), it says FMG's intrinsic value is $2.2 . now is trading $3.5 it's overpriced ! it also says CCL intrinsic value is $12 now is trading around $12.8 which is roughly in line with its intrinsic value. Question: how reliable is those online...
  9. V

    Learning Roger Montgomery's intrinsic value method together

    It would be a great for learning the intrinsic value calculations... If anyone is interested, we can use ArcelorMittal: stock ticker MT for this. For the 2011 ArcelorMittal annual report, please visit Lets use...
  10. V

    Need help with Roger Montgomery's growth multiplier table

    Hi all, Thanks for clicking on my thread, I was hoping that someone can help overcome a question that I have. Please visit and forward to 4.30. In this video Roger Montgomery is explaining his intrinsic value calculations. The question that I...
  11. Z

    Why isn't Intrinsic Value on an ITM Covered Call ever Profit/Earnings?

    Ive a question that has me baffled and cant seem to get this answered adequately. When writing a Covered Call (Buy/Write) In the Money (ITM) the premium is made up of Intrinsic Value & Time Value. Supposedly the Intrinsic Value is Never Ever profit. I can see how that is the case when...
  12. H

    Calculating Dividends per Share

    Hi I have been reading Roger Montgomery's Value-Able and attempting to calculate Intrinsic Values. I am stuck on calculating the dividends per share which is what i need to calculation the payout ratio. When I refer to a Annual Report, they only give the total dividends (in millions) and I am...