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intrinsic valuation

  1. L

    Intrinsic Value

    G'day. I understand i'm new here but after browsing around i couldn't find any answers specific to my question, or find any rules stating that this is improper, so apologies if it is. I have been reading and trying to learn about the stock market for about a year or two now, (im 18) and ive been...
  2. S

    FMG overpriced? CCL?

    I saw a comment on my online broker (NABTrade), it says FMG's intrinsic value is $2.2 . now is trading $3.5 it's overpriced ! it also says CCL intrinsic value is $12 now is trading around $12.8 which is roughly in line with its intrinsic value. Question: how reliable is those online...
  3. V

    Need help with Roger Montgomery's growth multiplier table

    Hi all, Thanks for clicking on my thread, I was hoping that someone can help overcome a question that I have. Please visit and forward to 4.30. In this video Roger Montgomery is explaining his intrinsic value calculations. The question that I...
  4. ubtheboss

    Students of Roger Montgomery's (Buffett's) intrinsic valuation method

    Roger Montgomery's new book expounds and expands Warren Buffet's methods of calculating/ forecasting a share price based on the intrinsic value of a company. Roger has a blog but not an efficient forum where students can help each other. If you are a student of Montgomery/ Buffet and want to...