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  1. basilio

    How will business and the internet cope with COVID-19?

    We are seeing a massive contraction of formal workplaces with thousands of people working from home. Hundreds of thousands of school children may end up using the net for learning or, more likely, video games to death. Millions of people who can't go out will hit Netflix plus everything else ...
  2. SirRumpole

    Setting up an Internet business

    I'm looking at setting up a Internet business selling downloadable apps. I'm writing a web site in PHP, but I've become aware of hosting services such as Shopify which claim to simplify the whole process. I'll need eCommerce facilities, PayPal etc, a members database (I have a skeleton...
  3. N

    Seven steps to avoid being 'phished'

    An international hacker was recently found to have more than 10,000 stolen debit and credit card numbers. So, clearly, phishing – the practice of tricking someone into giving bank or credit card information – is rife and plenty of people are falling for it. Many businesses issue staff with...
  4. Uncle Festivus

    The Internet: Tips, Tricks & Privacy

    Not sure if there's a topic already so here goes.... I use Firefox Browser with the following ad-ons - Adblock Plus - English (Australian) Dictionary - Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on - Targeted Advertising Cookie Opt-Out (TACO) - or Do Not Track Plus You will be amazed at who is...
  5. Trembling Hand

    Internet mini meltdown?

    Has anyone else had problems accessing the net this morning? I use Internode with telstra 3g and Unwired as backups. All three had problems this morning and have heard other people on other providers are having problems. Also see some cannot get into Etrade. Funny thing about this is that...
  6. awg

    Internet speed, provider, network

    Hi all, I have some questions re Internet speed and networking. I presently have a 512k speed DSL with Optus. we have 3 PCs networked via router and modem. especially when my son plays dammed "World of Warcraft", we are experiencing lag and dropout.:mad: this is unsatisfactory if...
  7. S

    Internet Filtering: Australia heads further towards totalitarianism

    Continued here: Once again, Australians are treated like children by our elected representatives. We will have no control over what internet sites are filtered out for us by the government. Once...
  8. MRC & Co

    Internet ego? Time for transparency!

    Well, it is about time I did this. I talk to quiet a few traders around the country and currently do this job for a living. I see a lot of internet egos and probably, false information being touted, so thought I would put it all out there and hopefully some others follow on. I plan to go...
  9. B

    Mobile phone and the internet

    I was wondering if anyone could help with this problem.... Son has a Motorola v360v, on Saturday he put in $20 prepaid. On Monday night he checked his account and it said he had 39 cents left.To cut along story short we rang vodafone and they said that at 9.30pm the phone had gone on to the...