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  1. D

    Conditional Orders on International Trades?

    Hello all. Just started trading a few months ago, still learning a lot and this seems like a great place for input. My question is; I would like to do conditional orders (stop-loss, stop-entry e.t.c) on the US market. What are the recommended brokers in Australia that can do this ?
  2. T

    How to trade Internationally (U.S Taxes, Fees, etc.)

    Hi everyone, I am new to trading and would like some advice on getting in to the international market, specifically the U.S. I have an international nabtrade account and I am aware that there are FX Spreads, brokerage fees and custodian fees but I cannot find specifics on taxing and anything...
  3. TraderJimmy

    International vs. Local trading - costs and traps?

    As I research and backtest strategies, as well as paper trading - I'm starting to think ahead to when I will take the plunge on a system that I'm comfortable with. One area I'm unsure of is the cost (and other) implications for trading on international exchanges (eg NYSE) as opposed to Local...
  4. V

    Process of trading internationally from Australia

    Hi ASF, I'm looking for someone to guide me through the process of trading American stocks from Australia. From A to Z. Cheers. V
  5. B

    Recommendation for broker for international stock & ETF trading?

    Hi Forum Members - my first post! I opened a account with Interactive Brokers to trade international ETF's but it isn't working out so good because they don't offer Aussie clients Reg-T anymore (for super fund) and the system of T+3 for settlement means that when I sell I have to wait about...
  6. D

    Accounting for traders

    Apologies if post is in the incorrect thread. Any accountants that specialise in providing accounting for traders, please pm me. It seems a hard ask to find a reliable and savvy accountant who can provide services for a trader who trades daily on international cfd/spread bet and forex, so any...
  7. Y

    International trading vs. ASX listed international ETFs

    Hi there, Long time watcher, but first post! I've been looking around for a while, and there seems to be quite a lot of fees involved with trading NYSE listed companies via a broker here, and a bit of hassle trading them via say optionsexpress optionshouse etc. My current plan was to...
  8. Trembling Hand

    International markets traders banter

    Guys thought I would start a thread where we can freely BS on about the trading of various International Markets and how we are seeing markets we are looking at. Pretty much the discussion going on in the S&P thread which is kinda off topic but still interesting. Basically a thread to discuss...