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  1. A

    Own international shares directly, without broker, DRS

    You bought shares with a broker and think shares are yours. But in most cases they are not yours. You don't own shares you bought, broker owns it, you own only entitlement to that shares. And in some cases, it may go bad and you may end up with entitlement to nothing. I'm thinking what would be...
  2. M

    Australian vs. International shares

    I have just started into buying stocks to keep long term, have done some day trading previously which allowed me to buy from all markets. Is it worth paying the overseas taxes and organizing an international broker to buy the bigger and possibly better stocks or am I better off sticking with...
  3. A

    International share trading

    Hi all, I have read a bit about the admin difficulties of using an US online broker (firsttrade or Fidelity) to buy US equity stock. Currently I am using NABTrade and I would like more control over the ownership of my stock, ie: Name, voting and AGM. At first glance it looks easy. Trading...
  4. S

    % of international and domestic shares

    Hi I wanted to know what percentage of international and domestic shares a portfolio should have. I'm thinking about getting some VEU and VTS etf's as well as a few Australian LIC's such as ARG or MLT.
  5. I

    Desperately searching for ways of becoming the custodian of my international shares

    Hi guys, sorry if this question has been discussed here before, but I couldn't find any relevant and helpful info, so I thought I would ask the experts myself. I am new to this whole investment game, I know what I want to buy, but I want to actually own those shares instead of trading CFDs...
  6. N

    International shares hedged - as part of my super portfolio

    I currently have an Australian super account with a balanced allocation. Noticed in the last three months there has been no returns from either this all the Conservative balanced. In fact most of the conservative offerings by Australian super are stagnant. Probably reflects the general...
  7. goponcho

    Hedging against currency change for international shares

    Hi, Am aiming to begin a value approach. I wanted to buy a few shares from USA to get my feet wet. Want to buy a small parcel of maybe 2-3 companies to begin. Is there any cheap way of hedging against currency change? I do not really want to be in the macro guessing game of which way...
  8. System

    VGS - Vanguard MSCI Index International Shares ETF

    The Vanguard MSCI Index International Shares ETF (VGS) provides exposure to approximately 1,500 large-cap and mid-cap companies listed on the exchanges of the world's major economies excluding Australia, using the benchmark MSCI World ex-Australia (with net dividends reinvested), in Australian...
  9. P

    What's a good platform to buy international shares?

    Hi All, I currently use NAB for ASX purchases but I am looking at buying some international shares as well. can any one suggest a platform apart from commsec... Cheers JP
  10. S

    Recommendations for selling LSE shares from Australia?

    Looking for recommendations and experiences for selling LSE shares from Aus (one-offs rather than continuous trading)? I'm currently being sent in circles from my UK bank who can't do it as I'm non-UK resident, and my Aus bank who don't have an international trading desk. I've heard of CMC...
  11. T

    International shares, W-8BEN and Etrade

    hi everyone im new here and wasnt sure if i should post this here or in the international thread but i have a question. early this year i decided to buy 3 lots of AAPL shares on the NASDAQ via ANZ etrade, i have now learnt that i should fill out a W-8BEN because i will get taxted at a higher...
  12. noirua

    Post a view or information on any share - ASX or Worldwide

    Some share threads on ASF have few visitors and you may want to let members know of your interest or why you bought the stock. This micro-cap stock may be a future Woodside [once a micro-cap stock in the early 1960s under Woodside Lakes Entrance Oils NL -- a loser I was once told as only an...
  13. S

    Buying international shares?

    Hi New to the boards and new to trading! Most likely will open an account with Commsec. But was just wondering how I could go about buying shares in the international market? Is there a broker I could call in a metro area like Brisbane and buy international shares with? What fees could...