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international investing

  1. I

    Desperately searching for ways of becoming the custodian of my international shares

    Hi guys, sorry if this question has been discussed here before, but I couldn't find any relevant and helpful info, so I thought I would ask the experts myself. I am new to this whole investment game, I know what I want to buy, but I want to actually own those shares instead of trading CFDs...
  2. S

    International Investing

    Pure curiosity, so I thought I'd post and ask. Assuming you are: - an equity investor - hold trades for a longer period than a day trader (i.e. you work off perhaps daily, weekly or monthly data and your average hold period is more than one month, say) Do you invest in international...
  3. C

    Investing overseas

    I'm new to investing overseas and am trying to get some ideas on where to invest. Are there any recommended sources??? Also is there a cheaper option to trade than the $70 which Commsec charges? Thanks
  4. Y

    International trading vs. ASX listed international ETFs

    Hi there, Long time watcher, but first post! I've been looking around for a while, and there seems to be quite a lot of fees involved with trading NYSE listed companies via a broker here, and a bit of hassle trading them via say optionsexpress optionshouse etc. My current plan was to...
  5. sydboy007

    How much do you have invested in international assets?

    I've been thinking for awhile now that with the AUD so high it's prob the best time to be buying foreign currency denominated assets. I've got a 10K parcel of the IOO global 100 ETF, and it's doing not too badly with the way markets have been going up recently. Income yield is low, but I...