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    Broker for buying stocks on NASDAQ and NYSE

    I'm looking to buy some stock for long term, probably will make about 5 transactions per year, what would be a good broker for this? Commsec would have been convenient since I've already got an account but I've heard Commsec is expensive if you're not really trading frequently because of ongoing...
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    Best brokerage fee - Domestic/International?

    Hey, Since there are no new posts discussing various platforms and their benefits ( price, technology etc) I thought I would start one. My question is what broker is best suited for international markets ( America ) price related. I have researched and have come to the conclusion...
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    Best international brokers?

    I'm thinking of moving into some international trading, FTSE, DOW and maybe some Asian markets. Comsec offer a phone brokerage service, but I'm after a more online version. Has anyone have any experience trading in these indices and have some favourite brokers that they use?
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    International brokers?

    I am a Canadian, and mostly trade junior mines, which has led me out of North America several times (Australia, AIM in London,Frankfurt). I have done some broker searching, and there does not seem to be any "universal" brokers out there. I use Interactive in Canada, but they do not do...